Aquarium stuff

  • My stock list
  • I keep aquaria logs partially for personal records (it is quite important to record any anomalies) and partially in the hope that someone may find them useful
    • Discus display, a log of my new, 490 litre discus display tank (replacement for the 420 litre tank)
    • Aquarium adventure, a log about a 60 litre aquarium, starting right at the start and with detailed explanations (retired)
    • Aqualog, a log about my 420 litre aquarium (retired)
  • List of species suitable for 60 × 30 × 30 cm aquariums
  • Species descriptions:


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  1. I need to order mounting bracket 2184 and
    3x suction cups sucker set for brackets 2183

    These are for my Interpet PF mini

    My tank developed a crack in glass and in my haste i removed the pump but forgot to remove mounting btackets and 3 suction cup. Please can you let me know if these can be purchased amywhere or need to be ordered directl?

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