The new glass box

420 litre: the new glass box by KittyKat3756
After a rather pleasant relationship with my AquaOne 980 over four years, the time has come to upgrade the 220 litre planted display to something bigger.
An eBay search came up with a 420 litre bow front for €240 including delivery.
The tank itself is 150 cm long by 60 cm tall. Front to back, it is 50 cm in the centre, narrowing to 39 cm on the ends.
Inbuilt lighting consists of two 36 W T8 tubes, one neutral daylight and one warm daylight, which is about 0.6 wpg without reflectors.
Filtration will be an Eheim Professional 3e 450 filter (product 2076), with a plan to add a small Eheim Classic for improved circulation later.