Rams spawning

Both pairs of the rams spawned on Saturday. One pair chose an Anubias leaf as spawning site, while the second pair chose the gravel.
Blue rams have always spawned readily for me, so I was not surprised, especially as both pairs looked ready and had been defending the areas for a few days by this point.
The range of the first pair is about 60 cm wide, in the centre of the aquarium, while the second pair have claimed an area between the first pair and the end of the aquarium of about 40 cm.
The first pair is showing more aggression and have been actively defending against trespassing keyholes and plecos. Their colouration is marginally brighter than that of the second pair.

Malaysian trumpet snail

By day two, the second pair have lost all their eggs to the malaysian trumpet snails, which live in the substrate. The second pair still going strong.

The eggs were showing distinct eyes by 48 hours after being laid and were wrigglers by 72 hours, at which point the parents moved them to the gravel, where they were disturbed often by plecos.

I have not seen the young since the morning after the 72 hour period, but the parents are still guarding the area, although not as actively.

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