Trimming the Hygrophila

Leaf of mine

Trimmed the plants and collected some dead leaves, alongside a tiny, 2% water change. I often do single bucket water changes because they don’t hurt the aquarium and I use it to water the plants. The water either contains more nitrates than tap water or the nitrates in the aquarium need replenishing so there is a benefit either to my potted plants or the aquarium plants.

The main reason for this prune was to get the Hygrophila polysperma to grow bushier at the back because without encouragement, it will generally grow tall and lanky. So at the back, I cut it about 6 inches from the surface, in the front rows to about half way up from the bottom of the aquarium.

I found that some of the plants which had come out and were floating on the surface had a spot of hair algae in them…

Current lighting period is 12-13 hours per day, which is on the high side. Water parameters are nitrate 15 ppm, pH 7.4, 15-21 °GH, 6 °KH.

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