What do I keep in my cupboard? (part 1)

I have just completed murdering an Aiptasia which was living amongst my Zoas in my marine aquarium and it got me thinking about all those things which live in the cupboard under the tank. Between my two cupboards, the cellar, cupboard under the sink and bathroom, I probably have around 4 large IKEA bags full of anything and everything I could possibly want. And this is excluding the stash of polystyrene boxes and fish bags for when I move house.
Just today, I made use of bleach, spirit vinegar, microfibre cloth, cotton buds, cotton pads, towel, hydrometer, credit card (and not for purchases!), bucket, syphon tube, water filter, dechlorinator, glass jar, tweezers and four types of prepared, dry fish food (at home, and another four types at work).
  • Bleach is a decent disinfectant, also useful for killing Aiptasia as I found out
  • Old (credit) card is useful for scraping algae off glass
  • Dechlorinator will render bleach harmless, as well as chlorine and chloramine
  • Microfibre cloth won’t scratch the glass of the tank, when wiping off water stains
  • Spirit vinegar is useful for cleaning off salt and limescale stains
  • Towels are great for keeping the floor dry while messing around with water
  • Kitchen water filter is useful for topping up, if I’m too lazy to water change

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