Moving again

It has been eight months since I moved from Germany to UK and it is now time for another move. I have already drained the 60 litre tank, and have removed the substrate from that – all that is left now is to clean it, dry it and pack it into the box – and I am around one third of the way through removing the substrate from the discus tank.

The 60 litre tank was the easy one: I drained the water into buckets, using it to water the plants, then used a measuring jug to remove the sand into a sturdy box.

The discus tank is a little bit more complicated as I need to keep that running until I actually pack the fish for transportation. I have started removing the two layers of substrate separately by syphoning out the top layer of mixed sands, then fishing out the cat littler with a fish net. So far it took me about one hour to get around a quarter or the sand and litter out. Tomorrow I will try to finish it off.

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