New pump

I recently bought the tiny Koralia Nano by Hydor, to improve circulation. It is a compact, 900 litre per hour pump, which at 4.5 W beats any filter of the same flow rate, in terms of running costs. Another benefit over a single outlet is that this pump is designed to shift water, instead of creating a solid flow, which means that it is suitable for use with fish which prefer to have a lower flow rate.

In essence, the pump will not suck in fry as much as any standard filter will and the fish do not struggle when swimming around it.

The pump is easy to set up, the most difficult part being attaching the pump to the magnet/suction cup. The only downside being that the power chord is too short, if the top of your aquarium happens to be about 150 cm off the ground and your power sockets are at floor level.