Keyholes spawned

Cleithracara maronii male

The 7 year old male and his 5 year old partner spawned again, they have done this regularly for the last 3-4 years, but have never succeed in raising a brood because the female was raised artificially, and I suspect that the male was too. This time, they chose a spot on top of the pleco’s log as their spawning site. They have been fed live (frozen) foods unusually often for the last week, which would have conditioned them.

As always, the eggs were gone once lights went off, but I do plan to attempt breeding them in a dedicated aquarium in the next few months.

The loss of the last spawn, from this pair, which took place in the community aquarium resulted in the aggression between the pair and the other two males and required the removal of the pair into other accommodation. It looks like the 5 ft, 150 cm, aquarium is just big enough for the four to stay out of each other’s way.

Temperature is currently 26 °C.