Removing duckweed and adding reflectors

Once duckweed, a very invasive plant, is in the aquarium, it is very difficult to remove it again because even a single leaf is enough for the plant to take over. So, to remove the duckweed, I used fishnets to take as much out as I could, removing the rest of the floating plants in the process. Next, I removed all duckweed which was on the filter inlet and stirred all the plants because some of the duckweed was caught in them. After netting that out, I checked all the sides, under the stress bars, around the cables and tubing, then netted out all which I found. After about an hour or so, I couldn’t spot any more leaves floating around, so I rinsed the duckweed off of the floating plants I wanted to keep and put them back into the aquarium. The Riccia was quite difficult to separate, so I added some from a different aquarium.

Since I already had the lid completely off for removing the duckweed, I decided to add a reflector to the lights. I used super glue to attach some kitchen foil to the underside of the lid, which resulted in the aquarium looking twice as bright as it did before the reflector.